We offer services tailored to support & differentiate your business, both as a listing agent and as a buyer’s agent. We perform efficient on-demand repairs in time for closing, handle all sizes of renovation & addition projects, and create design plans & renderings to help buyers visualize a finished product.

We Make it Easier for you to do Business

Get to the settlement table quickly.

When repairs are needed to close, we know exactly what work is required to pass inspections… and we get things done on your deadline (even tight ones)

Give buyers confidence in purchasing a home that needs work.

Whether a house just needs a new kitchen & baths or something more major, we create budgets and quotes for all kinds of renovation projects so that your buyers can move forward knowing they can complete their desired upgrades in their price range

Help buyers visualize a space.

We create design plans and renderings of what a renovated space could look like so buyers can see the final product. Our catalog of kitchen and bath designs offers dozens of customizable options or we can start from scratch with your buyer’s ideas

List a home in a new light.

Want to list a house as it could be instead of how it is? We can create design plans, renderings, and even full construction plans for your seller’s home so that you can market it in a new way that will attract buyers


Repairs for closing

We complete all types of repair work for closing. We coordinate with the town to ensure repairs swiftly pass required building inspections.

Renovation projects

We handle all kinds of renovation projects… from kitchen & baths, to full house renovations. We can also help with the construction loan process.

Expansion projects

We help find properties that could be renovated & expanded to meet the homebuyer’s wish list. We can customize to meet individual needs & tastes.

Design plans

Our design team creates a cohesive & differentiated design for each project…we also have a large selection of past successful designs.

Architectural plans

We use a team of architects and designers to develop floor plans and exterior elevations to meet homebuyer needs & tastes.

Furniture packages

We can virtually stage a home with complete packages of furniture that can be purchased by the homebuyer.