Homeowners & Buyers

We work with homeowners who are looking to renovate or expand, as well as with buyers who are trying to find the right property to make their own. We can offer as much guidance as you need through the design & renovation process… whether you already have a clear vision or if you are just getting started… and if you like to be highly involved or prefer to leave the details to us.

Available Homes

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Renovation & Additions

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Work with us to find a property to renovate & expand to suit your needs

Why expand an existing house?

Faster process: Permitting is quicker, plus shorter timeline vs. new construction
Custom design: Choose own finishes vs. buying a ready-built home
Cost-effective: Shorter timelines mean lower cost, 5-10% cheaper than buying ready-made

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Construction loan support

For large renovations or additions, we support with lender requirements on construction loans. This type of loan covers the property purchase & renovation and is later converted to a traditional mortgage.

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