Can’t find the home you’re looking for? We’d love to help create the right space for your family by working on a custom find/design/build project with you. We handle the entire development process… from finding the right property, designing the new floor plan, selecting the finishes, and securing permits & completing construction. If you’re considering financing, we also manage the construction loan process.

1) Identifying property

We search for properties in target neighborhoods that can be expanded and/or renovated

2) Financing & insurance

We partner with several lenders and also help with the purchase and construction loan process

3) Permits

We work with the town to ensure plans swiftly pass required zoning & building inspections

4) Architectural plans

Our team of architects & designers develop floor plans and exteriors to suit needs & preferences

5) Design plans

Our design & staging team creates a cohesive design for each project with homeowner input

6) Project management

Our systems & processes keep jobs running smoothly and give visibility on progress

We work closely with buyers to find the right property to renovate and expand. Our partnership with a top brokerage allows us to consider both listed & off-market opportunities that may be adapted to suit a buyer's needs.

Understand & Identify

• Understand buyer requirements for neighborhood, BR/BA, garage, layout, unique features
• Identify shortlist of available listed and off-market properties for buyer to review

Refine & Budget

• Refine search with feedback from buyer and select target property
• Run preliminary budget on selected property to ensure project is within budget range

Offer & Negotiate

• Make an offer to purchase target property taking renovation budget into consideration
• Negotiate offer and adjust renovation budget accordingly

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Financing & Insurance

We offer support to buyers who are interested in pursuing a construction loan for large renovations or additions. This type of loan covers the property purchase & renovation and is later converted to a traditional mortgage.

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Architectural Plan

We find the most effective use of space to meet a buyer's wish list:
• Understand requirements for number & location of BRs/BAs, main living space layout & any unique features
• Get perspective on exterior design preferences, e.g. colonial vs farmhouse
• Create floorplan & exterior concepts and refine with feedback from buyer
• Provide lighting plan for buyer refinement
• Submit final plans for permits

Design Plan

Our team of designers and stagers will create a cohesive design for each project. Design plans & renderings allow us to select all finishes upfront. Buyers can choose to work closely on each step of the design, or to take a more passive role and provide high level input to achieve their desired look.

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We stay on track with technology & sound processes. We manage construction project planning, estimating, customer management and scheduling all on the same platform in the field and in the office.


We start with highly detailed & customized project templates to ensure all required tasks are included, sequenced, and budgeted on each project. Job phases and dependencies help us accurately project milestones & stay on schedule.

To-Dos & Daily Logs

To-Do lists for each job are tailored to the renovation plan & requirements. Specialty contractors & project managers provide Daily Logs to ensure regular communication. Homeowners can also login to see job progress.


An overall project budget guides all project expenses & provides visibility. We closely monitor spending with dashboards that reflect estimates, bids & purchase orders. Any change orders are also billed through the system to the homeowner.

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Several benefits of expanding an existing house

Faster process: Permitting is quicker, plus shorter construction timeline vs. new builds
Custom design: Choose own finishes vs. buying a ready-built home
Cost-effective: Shorter timelines mean lower cost, 5-10% cheaper than buying ready-made

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Furniture Packages

We also offer furniture, accessory & artwork packages tailored just for your new space. Custom-tailored packages can incorporate any existing pieces you love... so there is no need to hire a decorator or DIY later. The cost can even be included with the mortgage payment in some cases.